About Hungry Mountain Ranch

The quintessential luxury ranch, Hungry Mountain Ranch has served as a working cattle ranch and farm since before 1890. What makes this property so wonderful is the combination of a great farm and or ranch, plus its proximity world class recreational opportunities. It’s your own private little Valley, tranquil, historically charming, close to fun, engaging small towns that support innumerable cultural activities. It’s the definition of ‘quality of life’ just hours from Seattle area.

The first class water right was adjudicated 1891. The many glaciers growing and receding have filled the McFarland Creek with deep alluvial soils, classified by the National Resources Conservation Service as unique and prime.

Seasonal temperatures at the ranch vary, with average summer highs around 88 degrees Fahrenheit in July and 32 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. The ranch gets an average of 12.75 inches of precipitation per year, primarily in snow during winter months. At 2000’ there is always a cool breeze to cool you in the hottest of temperatures.

There are so many benefits to this ecologically-diverse ranch that each merits its own page. Click on the links below or find the pages in the dropdown menu under “About.”