Hungry Mountain Ranch in the Beautiful Methow Valley is For Sale

Your Sanctuary Awaits You

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Enjoy your own piece of paradise. Located above the Methow River Valley on McFarland Creek, this 430+ acre ranch provides the perfect private space for ranching, farming, hunting, fishing or just a family hideaway surrounded by the natural beauty of the Cascade foothills. The Ranch has State and U.S. Forest Service on two borders, providing easy access to 1,499,013 of forest to snowmobile, ski, hike, horseback ride or just enjoy.

Hungry Mountain Ranch offers a number of amenities and advantages to its owner, both in terms of the property itself and the beauty and community of the surrounding area. Please explore the site (especially the About sections) for more information, but here’s a short list of some of the most important amenities:


F250CE38-8C37-4004-BEAE-2DE24307ABD0439CA5D7-DAE9-47BA-8631-1FD2852AD73BAdjudicated First Class Water Rights ensure Hungry Mountain Ranch has first right to the water available from McFarland Creek, which runs through the property for more than 7,200 feet. The upper reaches of the McFarland Creek watershed lie entirely on USFS lands, providing a steady source of pristine water. The Creek eventually joins the majestic MethowRiver.  


 20170611_095628With a diverse ecological profile, this large ranch is comprised of farm land, shrub steppe, riparian and timbered landscapes, with several ponds, a wetland and a spring that feeds the creek. These differing but harmonious habitats are just outside the door and deliver multitudes of flora and fauna.



Agriculture opportunities include but not limited to cattle, horses, hay and or row crops. The property has also grown a certified organic vegetables utilizing the deep, nutrient rich soils moisture holding capacity. The irrigated lands are supplied by a buried, all PVC mainline. The National Resource Conservation Service has classifiedIMG_5392 the soil on Hungry Mountain Ranch as prime farmland, with the perfect physical and chemical characteristics for producing food, feed, forage, fiber and oilseed crops.


houseMultiple building sites areas are available for a total of three customized homes. One home is a comfortable, newly-remodeled bunkhouse partially above the shop is already available for immediate occupancy.


Fly-in on the 32’ x 2600’ grass airstrip and taxi area, extendable up to 4000 feet. Enjoy the beauty of the Methow Valley and the North Cascades Highway, then jet to Seattle or Portland in the blink of an eye.



The Owners have provided a conservation easement, which guarantees this unspoiled, sublime property will be preserved in perpetuity.